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Ladies Morning Workouts with

Coach Katie Doring

6am-10am (One-on-One and Small Group)

We cover all of your fitness needs:

     Ladies: Train in a private facility instead of a crowded gym. Coach Katie played sports at the highest level, VB state champion Harrison Hoyas,

A5 Club, Highpoint University VB, Europe pro/international VB league and practices what she preaches, exercise daily, eat healthy.

Contact us for questions, times & get scheduled, don't put it off.

  • Body Sculpting,

  • Strength Training,

  • Performance Training

(still play sports)

  • General Fitness & Toning,

  • Yoga & Pilates Stretch,

  • Weight Loss & Nutrition,

Core/Ab Training.

Ladies get serious about your fitness, health, nutrition and training.


Small group training

(Spread the ward to your friends)

     From the owners and coaching staff of The Speed School:

Katie Doring we would say was probably one of the most overall athletic female athletes we trained. She had all of the necessary attributes to play completive sports at the highest level. Strength, power, reaction speed & quickness, flexibility, core strength, leadership, mental toughness.

  • Ran the annual summer speed & strength development camp.

  • Adult performance training

  • Hold's record 42" box jump

  • Only female to clear 30" box.

  • Flip 350 lb. tractor tire

  • Conducted Yoga/Pilates classes.

  • Strong knowledge & background in all fitness subjects.

  • Attention to detail.

  • Executing drills to perfection

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