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     Mike Klinefelter (Founder 2002): Former State, Reginal, National Champion: Body Building-Power lifting

(Training under legendary Coach Bill Kazmaier "World's Strongest Man", John Coffey US Olympic Lifting Coach

Track & Field-USATAFA:"GA Express Truck Club" State, Reginal, National Champion 4x400 relay team.

KSU Track & Field: Head Sprint Coach (Indoor Conference Champions)





Sports Performance Training-On line Consulting, Curriculum & Facility design, Private, Group, Team Training. Coaches Clinics, (Open your own "Speed School" Training Facility, Curriculum & Business Model)

Class Schedule: 

         HS/College Athletes: Mon/Wed 6:30 and Sat 10:00 (Tues/Thurs 6:30 MS option)

         MS Athletes:               Tues/Thurs 6:30, and Sat 11:00 

         Youth Athletes:           Mon/Wed 4:00-5:00 (3rd-5th grade) 

         "College Commits"     "Speed with Power" 

         Team training: Min 8 athletes (Contact for times)

"Ladies Morning Training" with Coach Katie Doring (contact to schedule)

(Coach Kris James) 

        Bio: Football/DE/DL-2014-2022 McEachern HS

                                            2010-2013 Campell HS

                                            2006-2007 Douglas HS

       Strength & Performance Training Coach

       Adult Performance Training 

      Youth Performance Training Classes

      US Army Vet-82nd Airborne Div (7th SFG)

     The Curriculum "Methodology"

     The Speed School uses its own designed Curriculum with progressions & protocols that are exercise science based with proven track record of results. Training used to train high level, elite & professional athletes.

  • Sports Performance/Functional Training

  • Online training & consulting 

  • Reaction Speed Development: (How Quick can the Athlete reach Top Speed) "POWER = SPEED"

  • Agility, Balance, Coordination

  • Development of Overall Athleticism

  • Strength Training (Hypertrophy-lifts-off season) 

  • Plyometrics for Power (Starts & overall body strength) 

  • Dynamic Stretch (Hip mobility, injury prevention)

  • College & NFL Combine Training (Sprint starts, 10/20 yd. laser time splits, pro agility shuttle/5-10-5, SLJ)

  • Video Analyses: 

  • Coaches Clinics-Curriculum Design

      (*See "History of Plyometrics")

Annual-"Summer Speed & Strength Development Clinic" (May-July} 

     Training Facility: Strength Training Area Connected to Plyometric/Speed/Agility stations, Incline TM sprint, sprint lanes, Rope climb, Resistant training/sleds/tires, Coach/Parent observation area.

     What's expected of the Athletes: Be consistent, bring work ethics & intensity. memorize names of drills, learn curriculum, execute drill with perfection, keep up with the pac, develop leadership skills.. 

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