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Mark Nolan Kicking Camp

Team Training

Team Training
     Team Training is a great way to add & build team bonding, developing competitive spirit & the much-needed work on strength & athleticism, not just skills. Strength training, plyometrics & sports performance training are the missing spoke in the wheel for the year around sport athletes. Pick your season, the best time for Hypertrophy, strength & performance training for the football athlete for example is Jan-May, the Spring sport athletes' soccer, lacrosse, baseball is Nov-March. 
     8 athletes minimum required for team rate, payment can be made by team booster, or each parent can register their athlete online. Options of blocking off time slot for your team or if more flexibility is needed the athletes can work into the current weekly training class schedule. Training is much more than speed, agility, cone & ladder.

The pro style performance & functional training curriculum the athletes are trained in consist of:

Dynamic Stretch (hip mobility, running movement, injury prevention)​
​Core training (mid-section, neglected area, used in most all movement)
Upper/lower body strength training
Plyometrics for power
Reaction Speed Development

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