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Who's Up Next for Winter

Off Season Training

1.Fall Sport Athletes: Football, Softball, volleyball

2."Speed with Power" Returns

(Linebackers, Running Backs, TE & DE)

3.Team Training

4. Youth Training

     As Spring Sport Athletes transition out, next wave of Athletes to move in for off season training are Fall Sport Athletes football, softball, volleyball. Should your athlete be fortunate to play sports in college, they will be in the weight room at the end of the season. It is the time of year when coaches work on strength, power, performance training & speed for quickness with their athletes. HS & MS athletes should do the same.

     With the exception of football most of these sports do not have access to training at the HS. MS athletes for sure mis out. We are seeing more year around sport athletes skipping a club season & in for off season training, a large growth in female athletes. We currently have our largest group of soccer & lacrosse girls in.

Those of you receiving this have had your athlete in & know the value of the training we do at The Speed School. After 20 years we know the curriculum we run the athletes through works, if it didn't, we wouldn't be in business. We build athletes with performance, functional & plyometric training. They become stronger, quicker & more athletic.

Check website for training schedule for your age athlete. We have 2 more coaches on staff if those times don't work, we can get them in on other days & times. Register online.

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