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Spring Sports-Off Season Training

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"Training for AHLETICISM"

     There is more to the sport than running conditioning & skills. In what has become year around sports Nov-Feb is the only opportunity and the most important time to commit to training for Athleticism. Over this 90-120 window the athlete must spend time in the weight room training for size, strength, power & performance training for movement & reaction speed. Hypertrophy & strength training is what is done during this time pierid. The combination of selected lifts from power & Olympic lifting, plyometrics for power & explosive movement, core strength, dynamic stretch for hip mobility & reaction speed development.

(How quick can the athlete reach top speed)

This component of performance/functional training consist of:

  • Accelerating & Decelerating (when the athlete only trains for acceleration there becomes an imbalance and higher risk of knee injury)

  • Linier, lateral & multi direction change of speed

  • Balance of quadricep, hips, glutes, hip flexor, hamstring training (When there is over training of quadriceps and under training of the hamstring muscle it becomes a higher risk of injury)

  • Plyometrics for Power

  • Strengthening of stabilizer muscles ankle, knee, hips, shoulder joints (common sports injury)

  • Core strength abdominals, obliques, lower back (plays role in trunk rotation, upper and lower body movements)

  • Lower body & Core (make up 60%-70%  of athlete training in most sports)

  • Upper Body (make up rest of balanced training program, push/pull muscle groupings)

  • Transitioning out of off-season hypertrophy & strength training phase into preseason sport

  • Skills the athlete keeps in touch with throwing, kicking, catching, stick, agility, but it is not where the majority of training time is spent during this time pierid

During the season the athlete trains for maintenance, injury prevention & conditioning.


Classes for all the age groups.


HS/College: Athletes Mon/Wed 6:30, Sat 10:00

MS Athletes: Tues/Thurs 6:30, Sat 11:00

Youth Athletes: (3rd-5th grade) Athletes Mon/Wed 4:00-5:00


     Coaches, we have team training (min 8 athletes for team rate) these make for great team bonding, learning to train & compete as a team.

contact us to schedule.

Register online & join us


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     There are three athletic traits that are necessary to play at the highest level sports that are not learned in the weight room on the field or court, it must come from within the athlete.

Work Ethics

Competitive Drive


"Bring It"

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