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The key positions of:

Linebackers & Running Backs

Also: TE, DE & SS

"Annual Winter Training

"Speed with Power"

And Combine Prep

Monday's 5:30-6:30

January-April 2023

Who: LB's, RB's, TE, DE

When: Monday 5:30-6:30 (2nd day may be added)

Curriculum: Plyometrics for POWER

                   Lower Body Strength

                   Upper Body Strength

                   Core Strength

                   Reaction Speed Development

                   Dynamic Stretch (hip mobility)

Combine Prep: Sprint starts

                       Video analyses

                       Electronic timed sprint starts

                       (10 yd & 20 yd)

                       5-10-5 agility shuttle 


                       Vertical leap 

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